About Us

Seeking an opportunity to start a new career or enhance your professional development? Envision success in Florida. Join our talented workforce to fulfill your professional goals and achieve a meaningful career. Our talented public servants work hard to serve more than 20 million residents across Florida, and you, too, can realize success in the Sunshine State.

Working in Florida’s state government means being responsive to the issues impacting the taxpayers of our state. Florida’s state government boasts both fast-paced work environments in which critical thinking and creative problem-solving are a must as well as steady employment opportunities that prize consistent service to our state’s residents. In some positions, state employment means being able to influence policy decisions and help implement change. In others, state employment means being the reliable resource that our taxpayers have come to expect from Florida’s public servants. All positions offer the ability to gain valuable experience quickly, improving your overall skillset. The State of Florida is seeking individuals with leadership skills, creativity and dedication to their fellow Floridians and individuals who recognize the professional development opportunities and achievements possible through state service.

Florida boasts the third largest population in the country and is richly diverse in both population and landscape. With an award-winning park system, warm weather and beautiful bodies of water, Florida is the perfect environment for recreational activities and outdoor enthusiasts. Our favorable tax climate means your income goes further and our business-friendly policies foster private sector growth. Joining Florida’s talented, diverse workforce provides the opportunity to achieve your professional goals while living in a state that values quality of life, culture and recreation.

The State of Florida offers to prospective and current employees a variety of benefits including health insurance, retirement and other benefit options. For more information on the benefits available by working for the State of Florida, visit http://mybenefits.myflorida.com/